[TV-SHOW] AKB48グループ感謝祭~ランクインコンサート・ランク外コンサート~ (2018.03.28) (BDISO)

Full original title: AKB48グループ感謝祭~ランクインコンサート・ランク外コンサート~
Full title (romaji): AKB48 Group Kanshasai ~Rank-in Concert / Rank-gai Concert~
Release date: 2018-03-28
Number of discs: 5

A recording of three concerts that took place at Makuhari Messe on 2017-10-08. For these concerts, members were split based on their sousenkyo rankings – 01-16, 17-80, and unranked. As a result, even lower-ranked members have enough exposure & screentime. The goal of these concerts is to say thanks to fans, so there is a lot of interaction with the audience.

The concerts themselves are on the first three discs. The 4th disc contains an Okabe Rin documentary ‘Aidoru toshite AKB48 toshite’ (As an idol, as AKB48) (Okabe Rin became Team A captain during AKB48 12th Anniversary Shuffle in December 2017 while still holding a concurrent Team 8 position). Kuranoo Narumi also has a minor role in that documentary. The 5th disc is the usual ‘making of’ – lots of backstage footage for all concerts and also two hidden videos with fixed cameras (accessible from MPC-HC or VLC or if you play individual .m2ts files)

Detailed contents:

Disc1 AKB48グループ感謝祭 ~ランクインコンサート~(1位~16位)
Disc2 AKB48グループ感謝祭 ~ランクインコンサート~(17位~80位)
Disc3 AKB48グループ感謝祭 ~ランク外コンサート~
Disc4 [特典映像]アイドルとしてAKB48として ~岡部 麟・倉野尾成美が立っている場所~
Disc5 [特典映像]久保怜音と小畑優奈と太田夢莉と松岡はなと高倉萌香がメイキングカメラを撮影(まわ)した結果

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