[TV-SHOW] 蔡依林 – PLAY 世界巡回演唱会 (2018.01.30) (BDRIP)

Pop diva Jolin Tsai broke her concert record with the 14-month Play world tour, which started in Taipei in 2015 and brought her all over the world, including Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Macau, Singapore, USA and Malaysia. A special gift for 2018, Jolin Tsai Play World Tour Live collects live performances from the two-hour concert, including Jolin and Amuro Namie’s collaborative stage of I’m Not Yours.
This edition comes with a 40-page photobook, a poster, the concert making-of and the documentary series We Are All Different, Yet the Same. (credits Yesasia)

Section A – Magic World
Medusa / 美杜莎
Real Man / 大丈夫
Honey Trap / 美人計
Bravo Lover / 愛無赦

Section B – Spooky Chinese Horror Scene
I’m Not Yours feat. Amuro Namie
Agent J / 特務J
Butterfly / 花蝴蝶
Love Love Love
Prague Square / 布拉格廣場
The Third Person And I / 第三人稱
Exclusive Myth / 獨佔神話

Section C – 1920 Gatsby
The Great Artist / 大藝術家
Mr. Q
Lip Reading / 唇語
The Smell of Lemon Grass / 檸檬草的味道
I Know You Feel Sad / 我知道你很難過
Sky / 天空
Butterflies in My Stomach / 七上八下
Miss Trouble

Section D – The Sea World
Sun Will Never Set / 日不落
Nothing Let to Say / 無言以對

Section E – Pool Party
Fantasy / 迷幻
36 Love Trick / 愛情36計
Phone Queen / 電話皇后
Dr. Jolin
Dancing Diva / 舞孃
Magic 72 / 看我72變

Encore – Alice in Wonderland
We’re All Different, Yet The Same / 不一樣又怎樣
Play / Play我呸

Behind The Scenes

“We Are All Different, Yet The Same” Documentary Series

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