[Single] KYOTO MUSIC BOX ENSEMBLE – J-バラッド・オルゴール・コレクション “花” (2015.03.25/MP3/RAR)

The new work of very popular Kyoto Music Box Ensemble is theme song “にじいろ” and a karaoke of NHK dynasty gong “Hanako and Ann”, and the musical piece works such as Studio Ghibli or the Korean drama are the coupling of the super popular “American dogwood”.

It is an appearance of the piano music of 2 titles which is super popular as J-POP karaoke music. As for “the American dogwood,” third place (the JASRAC investigation), “ニジイロ” become the extreme popularity as NHK drama “Hanako and Ann” theme song a year in 2014 2013.

1. にじいろ (「花子とアン」より) オルゴール
2. ハナミズキ (オルゴール)

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