[Single] ボールズ – 魔法/Balls – Mahou (2015.03.25/MP3/RAR)

Balls release new album “SEASON” on June 24.

A product is a new album for the first time in approximately one year since “a spotlight” of the last July announcement for them now. It is put eight pieces in “SEASON” the number that sang about “first love” “bereavement” “uneasiness to the future” that many people experience in a process becoming an adult.

Balls show the member comment about the musical piece on first Friday in lyrics publication site “song net” in the lyrics of one piece of album collecting music toward album release of June every month in the official site of the band. In addition, the picture with the sound source of the musical piece that the lyrics and comment were shown in the month is announced every month in YouTube on third Friday.

What was released on March 6 as the plan first today makes a comment by the lyrics and the Tsuyoshi Yamamoto justice (Vo, G) of “the magic”. In addition, on March 20 when the picture with the sound source of “the magic” is lifted the ban on, the precedent delivery of the music is carried out, too. The future musical piece public planned schedule “twinkles” in April, and it is “a blueprint” “STEP” in June in May.

1. 魔法

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