Maruho no Onna / マルホの女 (2014) Ep04-05 HDTV [Update]

Maruho no Onna / マルホの女 (2014) Ep04-05 HDTV [Update]
Title: マルホの女
Title (romaji): Maruho no Onna
Title (English): Woman of Maruho
Tagline: ​~​保​険​犯​罪​調​査​員​~
Tagline (romaji): Hoken Hanzai Chosain
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Suspense
Episodes: 9
Viewership ratings: 7.1%
Broadcast network: TV Tokyo
Broadcast period: 2014-Apr-11 to 2014-Jun-13
Air time: Friday 20:00 (ep1-5, 7~) 12:30 (ep6)
Theme song: Yaburekabure by Shimatani Hitomi

With the insurance payout up to millions in yen, there is no end to the people who try to get their hands on the money through illegal means. False claims, faked accidents, faked illnesses and the ultimate worst, murder. It requires the insurance companies to employ people who can see through all the sneaky and underhanded methods, to separate the genuine from the fake claims. One such person is Kashiwagi Natsuko, with her expertise and special skills and she is partnered with Tono Aki, but they are both as different as chalk and cheese. However, with their skills and brains combined, no one can cheat the insurance companies of their money!

Natori Yuko as Kashiwagi Natsuko
Asou Yumi as Tono Aki
Kondo Yoshimasa as Katsuyama Raita
LiLiCo (リリコ) as Azuma Ryoko
Ukaji Takashi as Sannomiya Kozo
Takahashi Hitomi as Kuki Saeko
Sano Shiro as Todo Shohei
Mashima Hidekazu as Miki Soichiro

Production Credits
Screenwriter: Hata Takehiko
Chief Producer: Okabe Shinji (岡部紳二)
Producer: Asano Futoshi (浅野太), Hamatani Koichi (濱谷晃一), Morikawa Masayuki (森川真行), Ishizuka Kiyokazu (石塚清和)
Director: Suzuki Kosuke (鈴木浩介)
Music: Umeno Yuudai (梅野悠大), Hayashi Kumiko (林 久美子)

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