[Album] 小寺健太 – 声だけでも/The Best 〜No Music No Life〜 (2015.10.20/MP3/RAR)

Kenta Kodera – Koe Dake Demo/The Best -No Music No Life-

【小寺健太 プロフィール】歌・作詞・作曲・編曲を全て自ら手掛ける岡山県出身のシンガーソングライター。2013年5月にリリースした1stアルバム「Destiny」がAmazon MP3 ダウンロードランキング R&Bチャートで2位

Best digital album “The Best ~No Music No Life~” was released the net singer-songwriter Kenta Kodera of the rising popularity and buzz now is finally the first time! !Now his other 8 new songs, 1st Digital Album “Destiny”, has recorded 13 songs that were carefully selected from among the original song that has been recorded in the 2nd Digital Album “Tears”, and 3rd Digital Album “Everything” , a total songs number 21 songs and volume I have finished the album.

1. No Music No Life
2. Happy Birthday To You (Remastered)
3. つないだ手と手 (Remastered)
4. 祈りのウタ
5. いつまでも (Remastered)
6. Love Story (Remastered)
7. 冷たい風
8. 運命の人 (Remastered)
9. One (Remastered)
10. なんでこんなにまだ好きなんかな…
11. 旅人 (Remastered)
12. Days (Remastered)
13. Melody
14. 翼 (Remastered)
15. 静かな夜 (Remastered)
16. 君のいない朝
17. 流れ星 (Remastered)
18. Dear (Remastered)
19. 変わらない景色
20. 約束 (Remastered)
21. With You (Acoustic Piano Version)
22. 声だけでも

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